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ignite talks as a format + my favorites

it seems that i’ve been mentioning ignite talks to everyone i speak to for the last few weeks. i’ve been a huge fan since i gave my first one at the MySQL C&E in 2010.

for those of you who might be living in a cave or not on every oreilly media mailing list, ignite talks are a specific type of lightning talk. enlighten us, but make it quick is their tagline. 5 minutes, 20 slides, auto-advancing every 15 seconds. it’s usually spectacular or a spectacle.

this year i was able to mc the ignite talks at the 2011 MySQL C&E, will be giving an ignite talk on geek lifestyle at ignite seattle 14 on may 18th and then mcing and presenting at OSCON’s ignite show in july.

but, the things i’ve been mentioning to everyone over the last weeks as i describe how much i enjoy ignite talks are some of my favorite talks that from the last few years. so– here are my top 5 ignite talks:

  1. why i love my 3d printer (and you will too) – Schuyler St. Leger
  2. flashmob gone wrong – Tom Scott
  3. the secret underground world of lego – Hillel Cooperman
  4. lymphomartini – Tom Music (sadly, tom died from complications of his illness almost a week ago on 4/17/2011)
  5. how to write 1000 words – Scott Berkun

i hope you enjoy and find an ignite show near you (there are more than 100 cities that have these events regularly).

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