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notes from my press training

thanks to Kristen Miller from Tech Image for preparing me for my first press interview!  I’ve collected her bits of wisdom below with my notes about the mysql council announcement

1.  have a central theme

  • creation of the mysql council
  • why was this created.
  • ioug saw opening and wanted to bridge between mysql/oracle

2.  talk in soundbites.

  • a bit of tech jargon is ok
  • concrete
  • don’t use overly long analogies

3. don’t use this space for an ad

  • deliver news
  • be respectful of reporter and her goal of unbiased testament

4  answer or refer or followup

  • reporter isn’t in total control
  • ok to say I’d like to double-check or followup
  • easy out – andy a better person to answer that question

5.  dead space is ok.

  • reporter might be writing notes
  • this can be a tactic to elicit unguarded ramblings

bonus: cheat, have the press release in front of you.

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  1. Thanks for the plug, Sarah!

    We thrive on people using our work, and it’s all the more exciting whent he student becomes the teacher. Congrats on making this your own, and thanks again for the plug of Kristen. She’s a blast!

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