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Author: sarahnovotny

mysql community pitch

  another video.  this time, from oracle about the mysql community.  it was recorded at OOW last fall.

new adventures

summers always are big transition times for me.  last year i wrote about my transition to evangelism and this year i get to write about changes again. this summer i decided to go looking for the next thing.  i did a lot … Continue Reading new adventures


words differently arranged have different meanings, and meanings differently arranged have a different effect. -Blaise Pascal, philosopher and mathematician (1623-1662)


domains in my netsol acct: 29 gb available on my laptop: 66.5 Mount Point : / Capacity : 148.7 GB (159,697,911,808 Bytes) Format : Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Available : 66.5 GB (71,350,788,096 Bytes) Owners Enabled : Yes Used : … Continue Reading statistics