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what i did with my summer vacation

this summer has been an exciting one of opportunity and fostering new beginnings.  to this end, i’m super excited to say that my role at Blue Gecko is changing!  before i dropped off the virtual world, back in august, for a month-long vacation i handed off the operational support part of my day-to-day work.  today is my first day back to focus on business development and evangelism.  so, yes i’ll be out on the conference circuit more as well as schmoozing and making introductions left and right.

the second big change that becomes official today is that i am now co-chair of OSCON with the esteemed Edd Dumbill.  as his announcement suggests, i’ll be harassing everyone i know for feedback, suggestions, proposals, etc.  i’m also soliciting unsolicited feedback (if that makes sense) so find me on the internet and let me know what you think.  i’m very excited about the opportunity to shape the 2011  version of this venerable open source institution.

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